Vistas of Vancouver

One does not live in Vancouver and not take a few landscape pictures. It is almost an uncontrollable twitch that develops whilst traveling through the place, this reaching of the closest photo taking device, be it camera or phone.

The color combinations of this great northern province is unmistakable after a while. The blues, greens, and magentas are muted, like looking through a hazy windshield. But it doesn’t diminish the breathtaking wideness or the delicious sense of isolation; a deep feeling in the gut that the land is withholding a secret.

My parents-in-law who are from Switzerland, the land of postcard picturesque, had remarked, “Why do people even want to come to Switzerland for?” after spending 3 weeks traveling through greater Vancouver. Though an exaggeration, obviously Switzerland and Vancouver are very different places, let it be said that Vancouver charms easily even the most landscape savvy of people.

Morning in Squamish
Calm waters at Belcarra
Near wine country
A city in the clouds
Sunset in WhiteCliff
Peaceful at Buntzen Lake
Evening at Ucluelet
Vancouver Islands Sunset
Chase BC
Foreboding skies on the way back
A breathtaking scene through the fences
Farmhouses scattered
The famous mountains at Banff

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