Streams of Consciousness

spacetangledTangled Space

– Steam of consciousness drawings

I’ve been sort of exploring this idea of drawing whatever comes to my hand, my mind at one particular moment and not letting myself plan to draw. Recently I’ve come to question why people stop doodling and start “drawing”, because what drawing meant for a kid is straight pen to paper quickfire, of the moment, with no regard to how it “should” look but the very concept of “it is what it is”. I very much miss and yearn for that kind of freedom. As I got older, drawing took on this very technical term and even before I drew, I was preoccupied with the fact that it should look like something and it should mean something.

And so, last year, I’ve started trying to relax and just go back to drawing as a way of expressing the paths of my mind, and letting it surprise me with the choices my hand took. I should think that these drawings really depicts who I am and where I am at the moment, with as little pretentiousness as possible.


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