Monument Valley

2 hours away from the ever popular Horseshoe Bend is Monument Valley. I didn’t think this national park would be the highlight of our road trip, but it made the biggest impact on me.

I’m sure everyone who’s grown up in the US has seen this image somewhere. I just never knew what it was called, and had mistaken it for something akin or related to the Grand Canyon.

We were with Dineh Bekeyah 2.5 hour tour, and I highly highly recommend this tour if you’re thinking of going down there.


The breadth of this place really can’t be explained. They took us down in an open jeep. You can’t really tell if you’re still standing in reality or in some kind of made up place; suffice to say in that moment, the power of what nature can build really seeps into you.


There were several scenic points and resting sites where small shops were set up selling interesting jewelry and home goods, some wood and some made of animal bones.

The great thing about our tour group was that they had access to restricted areas. They had an option to check out the hogans and learn a little about the way of living for some Navajo people.


The male and the female hogans, with the sweat lodge in the back

They took us into a female hogan, and spoke to us about the way we should walk in and out, and the symbolism on the way entrance was facing. The inside of it felt much larger than from the outside, and the temperature was quite moderate. There was a pleasant smell from the wood and the earth.

The Totem Pole

I was lucky enough to capture some very nice clouds during our tour, and even luckier in that right after it, it started pouring. This was an incredible place of land formations, but what made it even more than just nature, was the feeling of something spiritual, something mysterious in the way the rocks stood, and in the distance, a glimpse into another time.

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