Death Valley

The US has some amazing national parks; Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Redwood to name a few known ones. I’ve always heard of Death Valley, but I never thought of going there, simply because while the name sounds like mysterious running down the back, the prospect of seeing a land of “dead” in my mind wouldn’t entertain…

Long Road

Sometimes it’s a joy just to work on a small scale canvas or paper, just to put something down, to clear the air, let whatever’s pent up just go through the fingers. Long roads, but thankfully not lone roads, not all the time at least. 8″ x 8″; acrylic on canvas

Milton Avery

Regardless of whether you’ve heard of Milton Avery or not, his work will speak for him. His figures and his colors, so simple but of so much expression. Simplicity is something I’ve always struggled with, and I enviously admire those who bath in it with a glass of champagne on the side.  

Windows – Tishk Barzanji

I only recently stumbled upon Tishk Barzanji’s work, yet somehow it’s as if I’ve seen the ingredients of his pieces before, in everything, everywhere. But they’re all in their perfect form here, in a delicious soup of modern nostalgia. It’s a common saying that great art has depth, as in a depth that keeps your…

Dong Kingman

Dong Kingman is a San Franciscan, well-known for his depiction of Chinatown streets in his hometown, and later on, for urban depictions of Hong Kong. Even though I’ve only lived in SF for 5 or so years, when I see his work it’s easy to step back into the feeling of living there. But he…

Bold Symphonies – Arvind Kolapkar

Sometimes I’m guilty of forgetting that art is such a diverse and endless landscape, and I get stuck trotting on well known grounds and never leave. It’s works from artists such as Arvind Kolapkar that snaps me out of that daze and plays me a different note, and I become amazed at how personal his…

The Free Figure – Milt Kobayashi

There’s always an attraction to the loose, free flowing figure without bounds. Milt Kobayashi for the day with his muted, yet somehow saturated palettes and expressive studies of the human form.

Yasunari Ikenaga

Japanese artists and their prints! There is no debate the absolute mastery they have in that area. The complexity lies in the balance of simplicity, really. The colors and block prints in Ikenaga‘s work is such a wonderful mix of old and new, I can’t help but be mesmerized.  

Colors on the Table

I have a fascination with food in general, and even more fascination with food photography. And now that the art of photographing food has gone to such a level, the color palettes on them are as in depth as a good landscape or portrait. So today’s a post in homage to some good rustic potrayal…

Mixed Textures – Kathy Miller

Texture combinations are fascinating. Somehow pieces seem to be more relatable to me when there’s a 3d element to them, if only in the sense that these materials are tangible and exist in a world I know of. I’ve decided to start capturing color palettes of these artists I put up. Good color themes are…