Milton Avery

Regardless of whether you’ve heard of Milton Avery or not, his work will speak for him. His figures and his colors, so simple but of so much expression. Simplicity is something I’ve always struggled with, and I enviously admire those who bath in it with a glass of champagne on the side.  

The Free Figure – Milt Kobayashi

There’s always an attraction to the loose, free flowing figure without bounds. Milt Kobayashi for the day with his muted, yet somehow saturated palettes and expressive studies of the human form.

Sound and Fury – Per Kirkeby

It’s fair to say, of the contemporary artists I’ve been soaking in recently, Per Kirkeby‘s art struck a chord that I thought only I knew the sound of. Contemporary art is a tricky thing for me. For a long time I couldn’t understand it. I honestly can’t say I do even now, or if my…